About one year ago, we hosted our first Snapwell Photography Workshop! After a little hiatus (it takes time and a LOT of effort to plan these things, you know!), I’m glad to announce that I’ll be offering ROUND TWO for the Snapwell Workshop!

Introducing SNAPWELL: an interactive photography workshop specially designed for women. Enjoy a styled afternoon of learning and socializing at Heritage Chocolate Shop in Leonardtown, Maryland. Collaborations and Giveaways with other local businesses and artisans will be put together to send you home with the most amazing swag bag of goodies! I’m so excited to share helpful information with you that will help bring your photography game to the next level, wether you want to take better pictures for your Instagram feed, capture your kids with a more distinct approach, or take amazing pictures on your travels.

New to Round 2! This time around, we will have LIVE Models for you to practice your skills: a super-stylish Mama and new baby. There will also be a artfully styled “still-life” station. Try your eye at catching the light around these beautiful subjects and get immediate feedback and pointers on your shots!

Here are the Details:

Saturday February 1, 2020

Heritage Chocolate Shop, Leonardtown, Maryland

1:00pm – 4:00pm

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $249/Seat Ends Saturday December 21, 2019

Regular Pricing: $300/Seat after December 21, 2019

What’s Covered?

Dust off that DSLR camera that’s been hiding in your closet, or bring along your iPhone! During the class, you’ll have an opportunity to learn how your camera works (who needs that stuffy, old manual anyway?!) and how to stop using Automatic Mode to take a better photograph. Learn how to manipulate your settings to get the outcome you want to see. Any and all DSLR cameras are welcome! Here’s more of the content that we’ll cover:

  • Learning your camera settings and how it works
  • Composition: How to take a better picture
  • Lighting: All the basics to understand it
  • Styling: the art of arrangement to make your photos more appealing
  • iPhone/SmartPhone Tricks

You’ll have an opportunity to practice all the new skills that you’ve learned, get one-on-one guidance with me as you practice and a chance to ask questions throughout the experience.

How to Register:

Fill out the Contact Form at the top of the page. You can also send me a e-mail to begin registration: melissaBphoto@gmail.com.

If you want to check out more of what the workshop experience is like, check out the last one HERE. You can also browse the #photographyformomsworkshop hashtag on Instagram to see more!

I hope that you’ll join us for an amazing and fun afternoon in Leonardtown! Grab your friends and go register – registration is NOW OPEN!

Snapwell Photography Workshop: Round TWO!


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