I’m going to go full nerd-mode on you. Ready? If you run a business and struggle with social media, listen up!

*Posting regular, value-adding content on social media channels has the potential to increase your visibility FOR FREE.*

*Posting high-quality, unique (non-generic/stock) photographs on social media channels translates to trust and quality to more PAYING customers.*

I’ve been running a full-time, creative business for the last 11+ years. In that time, I’ve grown so passionate about equipping other small businesses with custom photography and marketing. In running my own business in the social media era (even before Instagram was cool!), I’ve seen what really helps small, local businesses grow: a strategic marketing plan and good, good photos. By improving on these elements alone, I’ve watched many companies grow their loyal social media followers AND their paying customers EXPONENTIALLY. The power of social media is not as hard as you might think! Sometimes you just need a little jumpstart to dive in!

As a busy business owner, I understand that you don’t always the time or resources to invest in something you might see as non-essential. This is why I’m offering a brand new kind of mini session to give you the tools you need for success:

Introducing Custom Branding Mini Sessions.

Your brand is what makes you YOU – why your customers choose your business over the other guy.

It’s your reputation, your personal story, and all that you offer. No matter how big or small your business is, communicating your brand is so important. How do you do this, you ask? Your brand needs a few important foundations:

  1. Some awesome headshots (casual and “formal”)
  2. Some “stock” images that really define your business and brand

(Psst! I’ll share a freebie with you: social media posts featuring Y-O-U perform SO, so well!)

Because your time and money are important, I want to bring you incredible value for your investment. Planning ahead with several weeks to prepare will allow us to have a clear plan for the shoot, and help things run smoothly and efficiently on the day. Here’s what you can expect to get with a mini branding session:

  1. Client survey with a brand evaluation. We’ll discuss everything about your brand: colors, brand personality, goals, target markets, etc.
  2. Strategic planning session to identify and plan our shoot (outfits, relevant props and styling items).
  3. A ONE hour photography shoot at an exclusive “home” location where we’ll take some “lifestyle” / relaxed headshots for you and also spend time photographing 10 customized, high-quality photographs for your brand to use on social media and/or your website – that’s almost a whole MONTH’s worth of valuable content!

Your investment for this session if booked by April 13, 2021: $800

Your investment for this session if booked after April 14, 2021: $1,000

You’ll have 2 dates available to take advantage of this limited opportunity:

Tuesday April 27, 2021 – FOUR Spots Available

Wednesday May 26, 2021 – FIVE Spots Available

Location is at a private, Estate residence in Lusby, Maryland overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Dates and times are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and are considered officially “booked” upon completion of a photography agreement and a 75% deposit.

A library of good, quality photos isn’t the only key to success on social media (even though it helps SO MUCH). Participants of the Branding Mini Sessions will also receive a discounted rate for any of the social media/photography packages that I offer that are on-going and more extensive.

Here are some of the brands I’ve worked with over the last 5 years to develop their photos and/or marketing:

Heritage Chocolates, Legacy Farm Lawnscapes, MJ Luxe Medical Spa, Janemark Winery, Romano Winery, Days of May Florals, Chesapeake Farmery, Diane & Crew Real Estate Group.

Think you wouldn’t be a good candidate for these sessions? Think again! Here are some industries that would benefit greatly: restaurant owners, fitness coaches or studios, style influencers, other photographers, graphic designers, wedding industry professionals, real estate agents, stylists (hair and makeup artists), authors, creative professionals, etc. The list could go on and on – if you work with people, these branding sessions are for you!

What are you waiting for!? This time to jumpstart your brand is now. Let’s DO THIS! Email me directly at MelissaBphoto@gmail.com or use the Contact Me form on this website to get started.

*NEW* Branding Mini Sessions for Small Businesses


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