*Hello, sweet readers (if there’s anyone left…anyone? Anyone?) and happy Summer to you all! I want to formally apologize for my lack of blogging this year so far. It turns out that when everyone said your time with two small children would be very little was completely right. I’ve been editing away all spring and summer behind the scenes and have posted sneak peeks on my Facebook page, but have seriously neglected my blog! Now that my sweet baby is four and a half months old, I finally feel a little better about getting into a good routine, both personally and professionally. Working from home with two kids is no joke, and I truly appreciate your patience with me! So now, back to the real story…my first wedding back after having a baby (just 3 weeks!) and my first wedding of 2013! Enjoy!*

Brittany and Chris. What an amazing couple they are. He’s tall and silly, she’s gorgeous and smart. They balance each other in a way I can’t even describe, but it’s just a beautiful thing. Both U.S. Naval Academy graduates, their Spring wedding took place at the Academy…naturally. The chilly Maryland day held no one back from having the most awesome day they could have ever imagined. Brittany (and Chris!) threw an amazing wedding with tons of DIY details and Etsy procurements. It was a dream to photograph, not only because of the details, but because Brittany and Chris’s love translates so well in photographs. It’s a beautiful thing. Congratulations (a bit belated!) to this happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Harris!

Ceremony: U.S. Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis, MD

Reception: Governor Calvert House, Annapolis, MD

MakeUp and Hair: Angela Papa, Behind the Veil, LLC

Cupcakes: Lavender Moon, Alexandria, VA




Harris-11 LOGOjpg

Harris-21 Copy

Harris-29 LOGO

Harris-32 LOGO

Harris-46 LOGO


Harris-55 LOGO

Harris-69 LOGO

Harris-78 LOGO


Harris-86 LOGO


Harris-87 copyLOGO

Harris-92 LOGO

Harris-123 LOGO

Harris-126 copyLOGO

Harris-128 LOGO

Harris-158 LOGO


Harris-168 LOGO

Harris-176 copyLOGO

Harris-178 copyLOGO

Harris-186 copyLOGO

Harris-205 copyLOGO

Harris-216 copyLOGO

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Harris-260 copyLOGO

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Harris-305 copyLOGO

Harris-313 copyLOGO

Harris-330 copyLOGO

Harris-338 copyLOGO


Harris-310 copyLOGO

Harris-346 copyLOGO

Harris-79 LOGO

Harris-3 LOGO

Harris-363 copyLOGO

Harris-308 copyLOGO

Harris-375 copyLOGO

Harris-429 copyLOGO

Harris-458 copyLOGO

Harris-556 copyLOGO

Harris-577 copyLOGO


{Brittany & Chris} Married! Naval Academy Wedding Photographer

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