Down by the river were two little girls. In floaty, white dresses they twirled on their toes. They giggled and joked and made merry. Skipping and running, they hardly slowed down, except to see and feel little critters deep down in the sand. The dancing, peaceful waves of the Chesapeake could not compare to the joy these girls held in their hearts that evening. The sun was setting behind the clouds and the girls dipped their toes and splashed  all around.

Sisters. Joyful, exuberant Sisters.

Williams-3 Williams-13 Williams-16
Williams-25 Williams-27 Williams-30 Williams-34 Williams-39 Williams-44 Williams-48 Williams-55 Williams-56 Williams-64 Williams-67 Williams-70 Williams-74 Williams-76 Williams-80 Williams-84 Williams-88 Williams-93 Williams-96 Williams-100 Williams-103 Williams-111 Williams-115 Williams-119 Williams-120 Williams-126


Two Sisters: Southern Maryland Children’s Photographer

  1. Stacy Fugitt

    August 10th, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Beautiful shots! makes me want another girl:) Where were these taken?

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