I get it inevitably every year – Spring Fever. This year it seems especially bad as we’ve had a bout of snowy weekends and several months filled with freezing breezes. Thankfully, the retailers have taken advantage of me – yet again – as I listlessly wander around their websites headed in no particular direction. The stores are carrying bright, happy color this Spring and it’s a beautiful mix of femininity and classic pieces!

And while I drone away inside my “cabin” of a house and wait around ’til Spring (and Wedding season!), let me share with you some of my favorites. Maybe it will inspire you during these dreary late winter days. Enjoy!

I’d kill for this adorable polka dot frock by Kate Spade. And the ruffles? Yes, please!

I’m determined to buy this purse by the end of Spring. I’ve never bought a designer purse before, but I think this is the one. This lovely “Ocracoke Stevie” is by Kate Spade, too. Something nice to take along on my trip to Mexico in May, no?

No one else does unique color than J. Crew. I do admit that I’m a bit obsessed with J. Crew, but I have good reasons to justify my purchases 🙂 I’m dying for these shoes in lovely lilac!

And since I’m having a horrible time decorating my new home, I can always count on my favorite Etsy sellers to come up with something unique. I love the idea of a framed quote in interesting typeface to hang in my bedroom! This particular quote is from Pride & Prejudice. If you’ve never read it or watched the movie, please do so immediately. That is all.

I love Paris. So much so, that I want to hang it on my wall. Where do you think I can get a map this large? I love the idea of separating it into a series! The inspiration is taken from Greige, one of my favorite decorating blogs.

I love this pillow. And it goes in every room in my house.

Lastly, I adore this chair and I want to put it in a reading nook somewhere. Perhaps it will encourage me to read more! Crate & Barrel has some fabulous upholstery choices!

Happy Almost Spring!

Spring Fever!

  1. Cathy

    March 2nd, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Hey Melissa

    I was in Applebasket yeterday and they had a picture of the Eiffel Tower that was seperated into 3 framed pieces. Not a map and not as big, but thought you might be interested.

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