The snow is pouring out my window, and there’s how chocolate by my side. My babies are sleeping, and yes, I have a tab on my internet for J. Crew open. Winter at its best…and I’m finally finding some time to blog. I always love blogging, but since Penelope (baby #2) was born LAST YEAR, I’ve been preoccupied with other things.

Nicole and Donny are the sweetest couple, and a couple of months ago, they welcomed sweet, baby Chandler to their world. Prior to that, however, I was able to take their maternity pictures here in Southern Maryland! It was a gorgeous fall day, and their really adorable pup, Berkley, joined us… she was their first baby, after all! Nicole was glowing, and you could tell Donny was so proud! I hope you enjoy these and wish for warmer days 🙂

Fletcher-6 copyLOGO

Fletcher-8 copyLOGO

Fletcher-13 copyLOGO

Fletcher-14 copyLOGO

Fletcher-16 copyLOGO

Fletcher-17 copyLOGO

Fletcher-23 copyLOGO

Fletcher-27 copyLOGO

Fletcher-32 copyLOGO

Fletcher-34 copyLOGO

Fletcher-40 copyLOGO

Fletcher-42 copyLOGO

Fletcher-43 copyLOGO

Fletcher-46 copyLOGO

Fletcher-47 copyLOGO

Fletcher-52 copyLOGO

Fletcher-56 copyLOGO

Fletcher-63 copyLOGO

Fletcher-66 copyLOGO

Fletcher-69 copyLOGO

Fletcher-74 copyLOGO

Fletcher-76 copyLOGO

{Nicole + Donny} Southern Maryland Maternity Photographer


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