I’m so thankful for Clients and friends who trust me when I text them late at night with an idea that’s consumed me. As a Creative, I’m always thinking – dreaming – of new ways to inspire me creatively. My “Notes” app on my phone is filled with late night memos, inspired ideas on car trips, new business plans and inspiring quotes or thoughts. When I actually get to execute one of those plans, it makes me one happy, little photog.

Kristin and I went to high school together, and I took her maternity pictures last fall. I’ve been photographing her sweet boy every 3 months since he was born, and I’ve loved every single shoot. Kristin is amazing, in that she just wants me to direct the shoots. Her last shoot was no exception, and I just loved spending the quiet time and having this little vision come to life. Being a mother myself, I have treasured every little moment with my children. Life is short, and childhood is even shorter, so I wanted to do a photo study on a seemingly insignificant yet common moment of motherhood. Since her baby wasn’t quite sitting up on his own yet, I thought this would be a good way to work around it to get some fun photographs of him. And lets be honest, what baby doesn’t like bath time?? I also love at the end, how Kristin wanted some nursing pictures. Not every mom feels the need to have this stage photographed, but it’s such a beautiful and intimate stage.

I’m so glad to share these with you (and thank you to Kristin for being awesome and allowing me to share!)! If you are a mom out there, don’t forget to document these mundane moments as best you can. They are such a treasure. 

Motherhood Study: Maryland Portrait Photographer

  1. Pam Henry

    March 14th, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    What beautiful photos Melissa! Your friend will look back on these one day and be so thankful that she has these photos of her and her beautiful little boy.

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