I could hear it from my bedroom upstairs – the velvety smooth voice of Johnny Mathis. My Mom was cooking dinner. I slumped slowly down the stairs as any minute, my Dad would be home from work. As I ran circles around my mom while setting the table, she continued to sway to the music as I imagine she did years ago. I caught a glance at her pearl earrings, which she always wore. Without hesitation, I ran to my trustworthy dress-up jewelry box to find my Great Grandmother’s clip-on’s. Just as I did a final check in the mirror, I could hear my Dad walk through the door. I stumbled up the stairs and into the kitchen to see my Dad and Mom, slow dancing in the kitchen as if they had never left their Senior Prom in 1961. That vision was and is the epitome of romance for me all growing up, and even now.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, which was YESTERDAY (I’m a little behind the ball), here are my parents, who just celebrated their 43rd Anniversary last week. (Just a tid-bit of info…my Mom was also 43 when she had me.) 43 years later and they’ve still got it 🙂

In other news, Maryland got dumped with almost 3-4 feet of snow this past week! What results from Cabin Fever?? Booking a trip to Mexico! That should cure it! My honey and I are headed to the Mexican Riviera for a week to celebrate our 3 year Anniversary a little early. I did venture out into the snow for a little bit, but it was too cold and I was much too comfortable in my yoga pants and sweat shirt to brave the cold!

This one is one of my favorites! About .54053 seconds after I took this, Bobby nailed me with a snowball and I marched myself right inside and didn’t take any more pictures while it was snowing. It’s all his fault!

I hope you have a great week!

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