Everyone has a love story.

How it’s written or how it’s played out in your life is always different from person to person. Words capture thoughts and put romance on paper. A photograph captures moments and keeps them forever in our memories.

Love letters: the ultimate product of a life-altering romance. The rugged hand-writing of your dear one’s shaking hand, the weather-worn paper, the faint smell of their perfume, and the crisp sound of opening the envelope…sealed with their love. A photograph is just as beautiful. Old ones are the best: weathered and torn, perhaps, but cherished always by the one holding it.

I am a complete hopeless romantic at heart. I swoon at the thought of a great story between people in love. Both sets of my grandparents married during the World War II era. On one side, my grandfather was stationed far away from his new bride. He wrote her diligently to reassure her of his love. My other grandparents eloped when they were 17 years old. They kept it a secret by writing letters and vowing their unfailing love for each other…until they found out they were expecting my Mom just a few months later! At a time when photography for the every-man was new and exciting, I will always love the qualities about those old photographs and the stories behind them.

So that is what I strive to give to you: a love letter in pictures. Your story is captured and the style is classic, with confidence that you’ll cherish the pictures forever. And this little blog that you’re reading? It’s my love letter to you, writing about your stories and sharing love with the world.

I’m Melissa:

Photographer, Mama, Wife and cupcake-tester extraordinaire! I’m from Annapolis, Maryland where the people are preppy and kind and the landscape is dotted with sailboats. The town is romantic in itself, which has made for the perfect backdrop to some of the pictures you see on this blog.

I started taking Polaroids of my Cat when I was 6 years old, and just haven’t stopped since. My camera selection has changed a bit, but my love for taking pictures hasn’t. I use natural light to illuminate my photographs, which for me, makes my subjects look the best! Planning little details to incorporate in your shoot or wedding helps the pictures tell your story. I love unique and vintage-inspired creativity! Although I am based out of the Southern Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, D.C. areas, I am available for travel around the globe.