My computer has been misbehaving. Reluctant to let it out of my stone-cold grip, I made the trek up to Annapolis (5 times in one week, thankyouverymuch) to have the Apple Genius Bar look at it.

“We’re going to have to keep it over night to run some tests, ma’am.” They said. I smiled.

First of all, puhleeesssee don’t call me Ma’am. I only graduated high school two years before you did. I only mumbled that in my head. “I suppose. Can’t I just walk around the mall 1,000 times first while you run your tests then I can take it home with me?”

“You can walk around the mall 1,000 times if you’d like, ma’am, but we’re still going to have to keep it over night.” Grin. Stop calling me ma’am. I head straight to J. Crew to drown my sorrows a little bit, then head home.

The next day, I get the call that my computer is fixed. I have some meetings in Annapolis again on Sunday, so maybe I can just wait until then to pick it up. Can’t I? After all, I’ve cleaned every room in my house without editing and Pinterest to keep me occupied! I couldn’t stand it. So last night when Bobby got home from work, I dropped the baby in his arms (not really… I reluctantly handed over those succulent baby thighs with my lips barely attached to them), headed out the door and drove like a mad woman up to Annapolis. Again. They handed over my laptop and I about hugged the poor nerd from the Genius Bar. “Thank you, thank you!! My life is complete!”

“Glad we could help, ma’am.”

So, moral of the story: I haven’t blogged this week because my computer has been otherwise engaged but is now back in my covered-in-baby-slobber hands and…don’t call me ma’am until I reach 40. At least. Especially if I am the same age as you.

Here’s a little preview of what last weekend looked like for me:


Little Baby Cameron’s Year of Baby Session, Southern Maryland


Sweet Morgan’s Senior Pictures, Downtown Annapolis

One of my dearest friends growing up: Lynn and Jeff Engaged, Downtown Annapolis

Genius Served at this Bar

  1. Cindy

    September 23rd, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    So cute!!! Can’t wait to see the rest. Love You Guys!!! Mom

  2. Joyce Stambaugh

    September 23rd, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    “I only have eyes for you”.Such a special time!! Grandma S.

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