The year of Baby Taylor came full circle with her First Birthday Party last weekend!

The party was complete with dozens of cupcakes, tons of balloons, tears {of joy, I’m sure}, giggles, and presents. Taylor was totally a social butterfly as she knew everyone at the party. There was a huge turn-out with tons of people there who love this little babe. She will grow up surrounded by these people who love her.

Happy Birthday, T!

Taylor had a balloon {or 2!} in her hands at all times.


There were lots of cool chicks in the house.

The CAKE! It took a little coaxing.

I love this shot. A little help from Mom.

Cake? What cake?

And there were some tears shed… only because someone took her balloon.

I love these next two shots. Great-Grandpa loves Taylor so much. He kept taking pictures of her with his cell phone. Only a great-grandpa would tolerate a toddler tugging on his cheek!

The Blake Family!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Taylor!

{Baby Taylor’s Birthday Bash}

  1. Laura Taylor Blake

    March 10th, 2010 at 7:21 am

    these look great, but then again everything you do for us looks great!

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