It’s pretty safe to say that I have babies on the brain.  Having a little one of my own again as made me truly appreciate every, little detail of the newborn stage of life. It’s truly incredible to me how much your life can change in an instant, and how much that little one depends on YOU for everything. We welcome into this world with handsome clothes and a chic nursery, but what they really need is love. From the beginning of life to the end of it, it’s what we all need, in some form or another.

Lucky for baby Davis, there is no shortage of love. His two amazing parents have love to give in huge amounts to their sweet boy… and handsome clothes and a chic nursery to boot 😉 I was so happy to make a trip out to Bethesda to photograph this little one when he was only a week old! I was 8 months pregnant at the time, so it was a good chance for me to become re-aquainted with this very precious stage of life. Welcome baby Davis!

Davis-109 copyLOGO

Davis-2 copyLOGO

Davis-12 copyLOGO

Davis-5 copyLOGO



Davis-95 copyLOGO

Davis-108 copyLOGO

Davis-99 copyLOGO

Davis-107 copyLOGO

Davis-19 copyLOGO

Davis-22 copyLOGO

Davis-29 copyLOGO

Davis-82 copyLOGO

Davis-75 copyLOGO

Davis-51 copyLOGO

Davis-41 copyLOGO

Davis-37 copyLOGO


Baby Davis: Maryland Newborn Photographer


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