There’s just something about the snow that is just so… romantic. Grown adults and kids alike all dance around with excitement (except when it hinders important plans) at the sound of the very word. Living in Southern Maryland, I don’t get many opportunities to photograph in the snow. But a couple weeks ago, Alison and Tyler planned to have their engagement pictures taken at the place where they first met and started dating… Frostburg State out in Western Maryland. There was tons of snow to be had, and after a brisk – and freezing! – walk around campus, we headed up to Tyler’s hometown of Berlin, Pennsylvania to shoot at his family’s farm. The view did not disappoint, and the snow? It just made everything a bit more romantic 🙂 I’m so excited for Alison and Tyler (and their sweet pup, Buck) to tie the knot in November!


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Alison & Tyler: Maryland Engagement Photographer


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